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About me

I have been a personal trainer for 16 years. I have been specialising in health based exercise for 8 years, helping clients with weight loss, health issues (such as cancer) and postural problems. I help a local GP with a very successful weight management programme.

One of my most important tools is helping people find the power to help themselves from within. I try to install my passion for exercise, health and fitness within them.

I am a madly passionate rugby fan! I did 5 years of Tia Boxing and Shotokan Karate. Playing for a number of years and suffering numerous injuries (2 ruptured ACL’S, dislocated ankle, impinged shoulder joint, countless neck strains and broken fingers!), I can understand the frustration of an amateur sports person when you are unable to play due to injury. A lot of minor, non impact injuries can be avoided by conditioning the body.

The Basics

16 years as a personal trainer

I work with a GP doing weight management

Weight management specialist

GP referrals

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Mick Brown

Personal Trainer