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Personal training

Being a specialist Personal Trainer (I specialise in helping people with health problems and weight management), I can prescribe a fitness program that's specifically designed for you and your particular health problem. After an initial assessment I will structure training around you and provide you with motivation and goals, regularly providing you with feedback to keep you on the right track.

Because I am qualified to help you with a range of medical conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, High-blood pressure, cancer, stress and injury, I can make sure your new healthy lifestyle program is safe for you.

Whilst helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals, I can help you make the correct food choices, not with calorie counting, but with portion control.

With the help of Personal Training, you can increase confidence and self-esteem, provide better health, achieve weight loss, increase strength and stamina, improve balance and coordination, tone your body and more.

As I am not restricted by a particular fitness venue I can provide personal training in your own home, place of work or outdoors anywhere in the Watford, Radlett and Borehamwood area. Or you can come to me.

I have a unique style of training that has proven successful for many people, but every person I train is an individual, and so is their training session; cardiovascular training, resistance training, cross fit training, boxing and martial arts, sports specific training. Whatever you need to do to help you enjoy your session.

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